Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back? 5 Tips You Might Not Know

Gaming is a lot of fun. Once you’ve started, you can usually spend a few hours on it. Some people like to game for leisure; while others might earn money from gaming.

No matter which type of gamer you are, you have probably heard of gaming chairs. Do you need a gaming chair? Is it really good for your back? Let’s learn more about those ergonomic gaming chairs.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back?

Maintain good posture

Gaming chairs usually come in full length that extend from your shoulders to the seat.

They are designed to alleviate your neck and back pain by keeping you in a proper posture, so that the stressful forces acting towards your body will be reduced.

You will find that the gaming chairs usually have a section that curve forward for supporting your lumbar spine.

lumbar spine

If you want to sit comfortably without having the edge of the chair cut into your knee, some gaming chairs can be moved forward and backward to shorten the depth of the seat.

You may also consider adjusting the seat heights, just like what you will do with an office chair.

It is important for you to sit with your feet flat on the floor; while keeping your hips and knees at about 90 degree.

Stay away from slouching

Often times, when you are concentrating on the game, you might roll your shoulders forward and flexes your lumbar spine and create a slouched posture.

By doing so, your head is drawn into a protracted position and your shoulder blades become further away from your thoracic spine.

As you tilt your head to look at the screen, you further exaggerate your posture by moving your neck into extension.

man slouching

Slouching is not good for your health and it can cause muscle pain, guarding and headache, particularly when you maintain the position for a long time.

There are many factors that contribute to slouching. Obesity, tight hamstring, limited hip flexion are some possible internal factors.

While you are unable to change the internal factors, you can prevent slouching by working on the external factors as well.

External factors that contribute to slouching include the limitation of the chair design, such as armrest position, seat depth and so on.

A gaming chair would give you the flexibility to fix these external factors. Some gaming chairs have special features such as adjusting angle or tilting the seat.

Better blood flow

When you are sitting on a chair with edges, it is common that the blood does not flow to your legs smoothly.

With gaming chairs, they have specially designed edges that improve blood circulation which allows blood to flow to your legs.

While sitting might be a comfortable position for you during gaming, sitting for too long is not ideal for your body.

Having a gaming chair allows you to keep the blood flowing while sitting and playing games.

Appropriate hips and pelvis alignment

Sitting with poor alignment of the hips and pelvis is a common cause of lower back pain. There are two bony structures on your pelvic bones called the ASIS and the PSIS.

These two structures are on the front and back of your pelvic bones.

In our pelvic, there are also the sit bones or the sitz bones that support the weight-bearing of your pelvis when we are sitting.

If you sit on a hard surface, you will feel the sitz bones pressing against on the object that you are sitting on.

When both ASIS and PSIS are level, your low back should form a slight arch and there should not be as much strain added to your low back.

Many people like to sit with the pelvis tilted backwards, which is called the sacral-sitting or posterior pelvic tilt.

By doing so, the PSIS will be lowered and the lumbar spine will flex and bring more strain on the ligaments and muscles to your low back. If you sit in sacral-sitting, there will also be more posterior pressure added to your lumbar disc.

Decrease the frequency of trunk flexion

A repetition trunk flexion is often needed when you sit in a poor posture on a standard chair.

When you are slouching, it is difficult for you to reach things without leaning forward, which is harmful for your lower back.

A gaming chair has a good ergonomic design that helps you to sit more erect by giving you good back support.

Provide comfort

Gaming chairs are often made of high quality materials when comparing to office chairs. They are supposed to be more comfortable as the seat and back cushion are made thicker; hence, they will fit your body better.

For those who have long bodies, you can raise the armrest to support your elbows, so that you can use your keyboard and mouse comfortably without any muscle fatigue.

Some gaming chairs even provide additional lumbar support. If your legs are not long, you may want to lower the chair and adjust your seat depth.


Gaming chairs are helpful to keep you in a better posture while gaming. A good sitting posture would include a good alignment of your hips, shoulders and spine.

At the same time, it can prevent you from forward head, slouching and other bad postures.

Comparing to a standard chair, the gaming chairs allow flexibility for gamers to create a custom fit and provide better comfort.

Gamers who experienced different musculoskeletal conditions such as neck pain and back pain will appreciate the design and comfort of a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs might be an additional cost to your financial budget, but it should be a very good investment for your body and health.

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