The Best Reclining Office Chair: 2019 Reviews

Reclining office chairs gaining more and more popularity among office workers lately. If you think about them for a minute,

Why would not they?

They come with a wide plethora of benefits, especially when it comes to your personal comfort or health standards. Besides, reclining office chair allows office workers to spend hours in their offices without feeling any painful sensations.

When they feel good, their productivity is inevitably maintained at the same high standards.

When it comes to finding reclining chair, chances are you will run into plenty of options. Maybe you want an executive reclining chair or perhaps you require a reclining office chair with ottoman.

Anyhow, with so many choices out there, it makes perfect sense to rely on a well rated unit. So, what are the front running products in this industry? More importantly, what are the features and specifications that make them so popular?

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Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrest Reviews

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Leather Soft Recliner/Ottoman With Wrapped Base

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GGFlash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG can easily become the most comfortable reclining office chair. You just have to take a look at it and realize that it is built with comfort in mind. Moreover, there are literally hundreds of positive  reviews about this unit.

So, what makes this best reclining computer chair so popular?

First, it is a set. You got more than just a chair. The ottoman is also included. Second, you got swiveling capabilities, which are extremely important in an office. You do not have any casters to move around though. From some points of view, this might be a good option.

Other than that, this reclining computer chair comes with an overstuffed seat and back. Even the armrests are covered in thick layers of padding for a more comfortable use. The ottoman respects exactly the same standards, so comfort is definitely a plus. The reclining angle is adjustable with a simple knob. It is different from those models that allow a free reclining movement and a locking mechanism. This one looks sturdier and safer. The exquisite rapport for price and quality is likely to draw some positive attention as well.

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Merax High Back Computer Gaming Reclining Chair With Headrest

Merax High Back Computer Gaming Reclining ChairThe chair is by far one of the leading names in this field.



First, it comes with a mesh material on the back. This means that the back can actually breathe. This feature is great for long office hours, not to mention the hot summer days. Your shirt will no longer stick to your hair, while this uncomfortable situation will become history. On the other hand, the chair has an ergonomic design that also allows napping. This is not really among your main tasks at work, but it is great if your office is at home and you need some rest.

The wheels allow a top-notch flexibility without disturbing other people in the same office. They are silent and comfortable. Apart from the reclining profile, the armrest angle is also adjustable and can go up to 145 degrees. Certifications are not to be overlooked either. This model from Merax is BIFMA certified. As for the overall appearance, it is classic and simplistic.

Therefore, it can match any type of office – be it at home or in an office building. It is just as useful for avid gamers.

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Viva Office Reclining Computer Chair, High Back Bonded Leather Chair With Footrest

Viva Office Reclining computer ChairViva Office reclining chair is worth a shot too. Its popularity over the Internet is exquisite, so there must be something special about this unit. The chair is adjustable from all points of view.

Aside from the reclining profile, the height and footrest are also customizable according to your necessities. It is covered in leather, so it will not chip so easily. Almost everything about this unit is padded, including the headrest.

Worried that you might suffer from back pains after spending too many hours in an office?

This model comes with built-in lumbar support, so forget about this concern!

The swiveling mechanism is specifically developed for heavy duty operations, such as office tasks. Nylon asters and a chrome base add to both its durability and design. The armrests are padded too, so comfort and relaxation are part of the process. Finally, the weight capacity goes up to 250 pounds. The reclining computer chair can accommodate people of more sizes, especially since there is plenty of room between the armrests too. It is not so helpful for overweight people though.

However, it depends on what you normally expect from reclining computer chairs.

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Why Do You Need a Reclining Chair?

reclining chair

Relaxation is imperative during office hours and reclining office chair come to take this venture to the next level.

Why is relaxation so important?


A rejuvenated body leads to a comfortable mind. When there is nothing to alter your comfort, chances are you become more efficient and productive. People start their days fresh, only to lose the comfort after a few hours in their chairs. They end up moving from one position to another, only because they need a more comfortable pose.

On another note, reclining office chairs also represent an investment in your health. Back pains are among the most common issues in office workers. They are caused by inappropriate positions and unhealthy lifestyles. When you tackle the discomfort around the lower back, painful sensations become history in no time.

Almost every reclining chair is cushioned, so this is another comfortable feature. Whether you count the armrests, headrests, seats or footrests, padded surfaces guarantee for extra support. What can be more relaxing than that?

Do not overlook the importance of different positions either. Whether you feel tired, concentrated, energetic or active, get the right position with a slight adjustment. The 360 degree swiveling features add to the overall efficiency too, especially if you work with more people in the same office and you need to turn around too often.

Everyone knows that improper chairs cause painful sensations.

Regular computer chairs are not designed to help you relax either. Many workers ignore these sensations.

In fact, they go even farther and start taking painkillers

Terrible idea!

Why would you drug yourself when you can do it naturally?

These issues expand over workers’ personal lives as well. For example, back pains persist at home and can affect the sleep and rest in the long run.

It sounds hard to believe that a simple chair can cause so many issues.

Yet it does.

A reclining chair is specifically built for these activities. It is meant to offer a comfortable position, not to mention improving your health. Ignore these problems for too long and they are likely to haunt your personal life and affect the quality of life as well. This is the last thing you want.

Believe it or not, some people even quit their jobs due to the exquisite painful sensations, without even bothering to educate themselves on the solution.


With these conclusions in mind, it is easy to realize what makes reclining office chair with footrest so popular lately. Indeed, choosing the right model can be challenging with so many models around, but proper research will work wonders. A few reviews will also tell you what to expect from one model or another.

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