The Most Common Problems With Home Computer Chairs & Solutions

Whether you work in a public office or you set your own office at home, having the best home computer chair is a must. You probably spend half a day in front of your computer, so chances are you feel physically exhausted sometimes, even if you have no physical activity.

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So where is the catch then?

The truth is that a bad chair can cause neck pains, shoulder discomfort, back stiffness and numb legs. However, no matter how careful you are about choosing the best chair, chances are you will still experience small problems every once in a while. Nothing is perfect, not even the best home computer chair.

Then, how do you handle the most common issues?

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Falling apart when lifting it

Everyone goes through this problem every once in a while. You try to lift the chair, yet it falls apart as soon as you take your hands off it. It happens to everyone sometimes. There is nothing to worry about. Handling this issue is a matter of minutes.

Believe it or not, this issue is more common in new chairs. The reason is fairly simple – the gas lift post is loose. In other words, it is not properly slotted into the base.

To fix the problem, you have to clear all the grease and oil at the bottom of the post before assembling the chair. Apply some pressure on the seat by doing it hardly or just pushing your knee on it. Make sure that you grip it firmly upfront.

Once you manage to find the ideal amount of pressure, the two misbehaving elements (the base and the post) will obtain an interlocked fit. Therefore, this problem becomes history.

Scratching floors when moving

Scratching floorsIdeally, you should think about this issue before even buying the home computer chair. If you have already done it, it might already be too late.

Generally speaking, if you have hard floors, you need to opt for rubberized wheels. This way, they ensure a top-notch grip and they ease the movement without scratching the floor. On a different note, carpets require hard plastic wheels. Moving too much around may also leave some trails behind, yet these situations are rare.

If you have already bought the chair, you should look for replacement wheels. If you are lucky enough, you can fix this issue without spending a fortune.

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Squeaking when moving around or balancing

Squeaking when moving around or balancingSooner or later, most moving elements come up with squeaking sounds, whether they are part of a vehicle, a door or a home computer chair. You are less likely to discover these noises because they install progressively. They become part of the scenario. You pay attention to them when someone notifies you, whether you use this chair in your bedroom or an office. Sooner or later, they will certainly become annoying to someone else.

What is the best way to overcome these sounds?


Use some liquid vaseline on the moving mechanisms, then perform a few moves. It usually takes less than a minute to get over the squeaking noises.

Sinking when sitting

Sinking when sittingEveryone experiences this problem at least once in a lifetime. At the same time, it becomes bothersome too. The chair seems to sink under your weight. The problem is generally caused by the gas cylinder or pneumatic lift. There are not too many solutions to this problem, So you will probably need to order a replacement part. Keep in mind that causes are more diversified.

Have you checked the recommended weight?

It may also sink if this limit is exceeded. An overused or damaged height adjustment lever is also a potential cause. Check everything before deciding.

As a short final conclusion, home computer chairs are definitely not perfect. They have seriously evolved over the past years, so they are more advanced than ever. They come with all kinds of innovative features and futuristic facilities. With all these, small problems may still arise when least expected. They are not so significant, yet they can become bothersome.

They are sometimes caused by human error, so make sure that you use the chair according to the instructions. In other cases, they represent factory defects or just poor quality standards. This is why most specialists recommend branded and reputable chairs.

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