Dxracer F Series Review: PC Gaming Chair

If you find yourself sitting on an uncomfortable chair for hours on end, it is time to consider buying a new one. A good chair is essential for back support and health and proper posture should be an innate habit. But, unfortunately, not many actually sit the correct way because of the use of an inadequate chair. A sturdy and ergonomically designed chair might just be your lifesaver from future back pain and misalignment.

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From the many chairs available online, you are left with the necessity to select one that fits your exact physical and comfort requirements. No matter which job or hobby is making you endure hours on a chair, it is best that you buy one that is both comfortable and adequate for your needs. The following DXRacer chair from the Racing Series is one attention-grabbing option that may be the chair your back and your comfort needs.

About this Chair

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DXRacer chairs are one of the best sitting comforts out there that are specifically designed for gaming but can be adjusted for any use. What’s more, the DXRacer company produces high-quality and comfortable chairs at a reasonable price. This particular model, the Racing Series, is an improved version from the best-selling Formula Series (F-Series) chair that DXRacer also provides. That said, this specific chair – the DXRacer DOH/RV131/NO – provides better support for users with a bigger built, thanks to its taller and wider backrest.

One thing that’s so great about this chair is the fact that its high backrest offers complete support to your spinal column from your neck to your pelvis. Moreover, it has a sturdy metal five-point base with decorative accents of matching color and a gas spring for adjustable comfort by allowing for different heights.

The minimum seat height is 19.25 inches, while the maximum is an impressive 22 inches.The arm lengths can be adjusted anywhere between the range of 25.5 to 31.5 inches and the back angle of the chair can be adjusted up to 135 degrees.

As an added bonus, its modern and luxurious design is sure to fit wonderfully with any type of décor. This DXRacer chair has a sporty and enticing design, with raised edges that give it a winged look, which is sure to please even the pickiest shopper. The color combination of orange and black is very appealing, as well and further enhances the racing theme of the chair. Whether you have carpet or flooring, the five swiveling wheels will allow for easy transportation of the chair if necessary.

Furthermore, the chair’s surface is wonderfully put together with excellent and high-quality materials. The DXRacer offers quick and easy cleaning, along with breathability, thanks to the use of PU combined with leather styled vinyl. Without a doubt, your office, home computer desk, or gaming center will improve greatly with this sleek addition. Your overall comfort and posture will also be better with the use of this versatile DXRacer chair.


• 90-degree 4D adjustable and padded armrests
• Extra high backrest with a gentle curve
• Multi-functional mechanism
• Large angle adjuster
• Inlaid color bar base
• 3” PU caster
• Leather style vinyl
• Sleek, sturdy and easy to clean
• Measures 27” x 21” x 50-53” and weighs 49 pounds when assembled
• Holds up to 249 pounds
• Lifetime warranty on frame
• 24-month warranty on parts

dx racer f series review


• Comfortable and sturdy
• Swivel and tilt functions
• Adjustable armrest
• PU and fabric seat cover that is breathable, durable and easy to clean
• Gas piston lift and matching color bar base
• Easy assembly


• It is best suited for people between the height of 5’8’’ to 6’2’’
• Though it can hold up to 249 pounds, recommended weight is only 220 pounds
• No lumbar or neck pillows included

For those long hours of sitting, it is extremely important to own a chair you love. A supportive and comfortable chair is necessary for health reasons, as well, because it decreases the likelihood of back problems in the future.

Proper posture is one of the keys to avoiding back pain and a pronounced hunchback aspect at old age. That said, the type of chair you use either helps improve your posture, or inhibits a proper pose. That is why the DXRacer is great because it allows both you and your back to be comfortable while you are positioned correctly, even if it is for many hours each day.

People whose job or hobby requires more than two hours of sitting each day should invest in a quality and comfy chair. That being said, a DXRacer chair is one of those candidates – perfect for the job at hand due to its high-quality manufacturing standards, durable materials and high comfort levels.

The DXRacer office or gaming chair has great reviews and should be considered in your search for the perfect chair. So, sit back and relax on something you are able to rely on and know that your back is in good hands with DXRacer.

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