DXRacer vs Office Chair

Which chair is the best chair? Considering that nowadays (whether it be for work or leisure) we sit for most of the day, this question has become one of the more important ones we need to ask ourselves. In fact, your chair could be the sole factor in determining your performance and well being.

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably thinking about the DXRacer, a renowned brand among gaming chair products.But how does it stand up to regular office chairs?

Is the DXRacer (F Series) a better investment? That of course depends on your needs and what you’re looking for.

Here’s what you’ll need to know to make a more informed decision.


A chair can have a huge impact in the overall layout of your environment and how you and others feel inside it.

Typical office chairs try to go for the business type look with a simple mono-colour scheme. Most office chairs don’t have intricate designs which adds to the corporate aesthetic.

They’re typically grey or black without many options for other colours. They come in vast array of shapes and sizes to best fit the look you’re searching for.

DXRacer chairs on the other hand tend to be more vibrant in both their colours and design. They often adopt race car themes or designs inspired by various video games.

They definitely have more variation as DXRacers offer different types of chairs ranging from simple rocking chairs, pedestal chairs, racing style seats and racing simulator chairs.

If you’re looking to make your environment seem more professional or business looking, typical office chairs will be your best bet. However, if you’re looking for expressive designs and vibrant aesthetic, then the DXRacer is the way to go.

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If you’re going to sit in one place for hours, it better be pretty darn comfortable. A comfortable chair means you’ll be able to sit down for longer and be more at ease while doing so.

Office chairs are designed with long hours of desk work in mind. Quality office chairs will have thin fabrics and breathable meshes that allow your back to cool down and dispel any built up moisture.

They’re designed to equally distribute weight which reduces pressure on your body.

DXRacer chairs offer full body spinal support via a sturdy metal frame inside the back rest.

The back also uses a high density foam that’s supported by elastic bands, allowing the chair to adjust to your weight.

The armrests are also specifically designed to reduce fatigue from using your wrist and hands for long periods of times. This along with the fact DXRacers come with headrest and lumbar cushions, make for a comfortable experience.

When it comes to overall comfort, DXRacers tend to be better which makes sense considering they’re geared towards people who play video games to relax.

However office chairs are designed with your homeostasis in mind, keeping you balanced for prolonged work periods.


Something extremely important when thinking about your chair is it’s customizable positions.

The body craves variety after all, and if you’re the type who can never decide which position is best, adjust-ability becomes all the more important.

Most office chairs will give you the ability to increase or decrease the height of your chair, and high quality ones will allow you to recline allowing you to switch from lounging to forward positions.

However not all office chairs will possess these features.

DXRacers have multiple adjustment options all along the chair including everything most office chairs can do.

You can adjust the back rest and recline up to 130°, adjust the arm rests into 8 different positions, and modify cushion placement easily.

Although some office chairs do have some variability when it comes to adjusting arm and backrest, these office chairs tend to be of higher quality and harder to find.

All DXRacers possess the ability to make a plethora of various adjustments. Typically, their designed keeping the lounging position in mind, but even this can be adjusted to your preference.


Thinking about if you want your sitting experience to go beyond, well, just sitting is important to keep in mind depending on the type of experience you’re looking for.

Most office chairs don’t offer too many added features and focus on being light and ergonomic.

DXRacers on the other hand are designed to enhance gaming experience and thus are equipped with many fancy features.

These can include Bluetooth connectivity, integrated speakers, steering wheels and pedals.

If you want a chair with multiple features, the DXRacer is the way to go. Keep in mind this does make the DXRacer heavier than your typical office chair which is important to keep in mind if mobility is something you’re thinking about.


The type of chair you get won’t even matter if you don’t have the budget for it and so pricing might be the determining factor in your decision.

Office chairs can come in a variety of different forms and prices.It’s possible to get extremely cheap office chair but remember sometimes low quality and low pricing can go hand in hand.

High quality office chairs may perform exceptionally but they can also be extremely pricey.

DXRacer prices are pretty consistent and regardless of price are reliably durable.

On top of this, all DXRacers have the same features meaning you’ll always know what you’re getting, reducing uncertainty of the product.

Again, it all depends on your needs. Office chairs are better if you want a variety of different prices and qualities.

If you want something with predictable quality and consistent pricing, DXRacers is probably the best financial decision.


Both office chairs and the DXRacer are built with ergonomics in mind so both should get the job done when it comes to sitting comfortably long term. The rest of your decision is up to personal preference.

It’s important to keep in mind that the DXRacer is built for gamers while office chairs are built with desk jobs in mind. Regardless, it’s all about what you want out of your chair.

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