Flash Furniture Red Pipeline Border With High Back Executive Office Chair

It is estimated that in the United States alone, people spend an average of 7.4 hours staring at a screen. With much of those 444 minutes relating to our working hours, you should always ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Most of us fail to realize the dangers of hunching over or staring at a bright screen, although most headaches and red eyes are a good indication of what damage we are doing.

Therefore, you’ll want to keep your upper and lower back in tip-top shape, and we might have a product which can help you achieve precisely that –in addition to its attractive appearance.

About this Product

The Flash Furniture Red Pipeline Office Chair is a modern and stylish option that is bound to become like eye-candy to anyone looking for a new office chair due to its red and black leather design.

Nonetheless, there is more to it than meets the eye, as ergonomics have played a significant role in the construction of this product.

In fact, even hours after sitting in it or using it for gaming purposes, you will not feel fatigued or discomforted –as the model follows the natural curvature of the spine, allowing for maximum comfort and convenience.

In other words, the primary advantage of this office chair is the anatomical shape of its back, following the organic contours of the body and granting you the option to adjust it to your height correctly.

In the mood for a quick rest during your lunch break? That’s possible too, merely use the tilt lock mechanism and tilt tension control and you’ll have maximum convenience.

There shouldn’t be much surprise about the increased functionality and versatility of the Flash Furniture, as the company is well-known for creating excellent products specifically designed for desktop users.

Comfort is the top priority, especially considering the amount of pressure and tension that an inadequate lumbar position can put on your body.

Best of all, comfort does not come at the expense of style, and the solid black and red lining on this chair give a mellow feel and a stylish racing-car appearance.

Featuring a convenient and adjustable headrest, it’s easy to get comfortable –even if you’re quite tall. With a durable upholstery and comfortable armrests, there’s not much the chair can’t do for you!



High Back Design

The integration of a high back is not a random aspect, as the sleek product is designed to extend until it guarantees adequate lumbar support. The reason behind this decision is to alleviate any pressure or tension felt in the lower back, ultimately preventing the possibility of long-term strain or any other spinal problems. Equipped with a built-in headrest and a lumbar support system ergonomics is guaranteed when it comes to the Flash Furniture Office chair.

Contoured Seat with Waterfall Seat Edge

Featuring a smart waterfall front seat edge, this product removes any pressure put on the lower side of your legs, helping blood circulate throughout the body –minimizing the risk of any blood clots of affected veins.

Padded Loop Arms

Although typing comes naturally for computer users, it’s essential to have the option of resting your arms on a comfortable surface. Equipped with glossy loop arms that have inbuilt padded insets, the Flash Furniture Office Chair is designed for ultimate relaxation.

Soft Black Vinyl Upholstery

You will never be disappointed by the contemporary and sleek look of this vinyl office chair outlined with red pipeline detailing.

Customization options

It’s essential to find a product which allows you to customize it to your unique needs and wants. This office chair benefits from a pneumatic adjustment lever that can get you to different heights, while the chair can also swivel 360-degrees.

Dual Wheel Red Rimmed Casters

The red-rimmed casters add even more to the overall appeal of this contemporary office chair.


  •         Easy to adjust
  •         Smart and eye-pleasing design
  •         Comfortable –even hours later
  •         Works and feels great for much taller office workers or gamers
  •         Great pricing
  •         Powerful hydraulic system -goes up and down smoothly.
  •         Rolls easily without damaging carpet or hardwood floors.
  •         Smooth leather that doesn’t stick to your skin


  •         Setup is sometimes more complicated due to having to attach the armrests
  •         Back support feel could benefit from a lumbar pillow
  •         Material isn’t incredibly breathable during summer days


The Flash Furniture Executive Office Chair is an overall excellent product designed to minimize or entirely alleviate the tension and stress put on your lower back –either during working hours or long gaming marathons with your friends.

Equipped with a plethora of ergonomic functions and customization options there is little doubt to why this executive high chair is this popular. Offering you an attractive element to any office environment or modern home that it is used in.

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