Lower Back Pain From Gaming: How To Relieve It

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you are feeling lower back pain which is stopping you from appreciating your gaming sessions like you used to. Don’t worry, most gamers feel this kind of pain at some point during their lives.

Pain is never pleasant but the majority of people deals with it by simply ignoring it until it disappears. However, that is not the optimal way of dealing with pain. You should always do your own research on how to fix specific types of pain, and if that fails, take a trip to the doctors office. Lucky for us, lower back pain caused by sitting or inactivity is easy to handle and relieve.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Having lower back pain from playing video games? Our bodies are unique and carefully calibrated machines, they are capable of doing incredible physical efforts, as well as taking an enormous amount of strain. However, to keep our bodies that way, we need to give them variety and use their full capabilities on a regular basis.

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Sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time can be extremely hard on your joints and muscles, and I can bet you’re doing just that while you’re gaming.

Your spine goes down through the center of your back. It is a pillar of bones which encases a whole bunch of nerves which, in turn, send important information and different sorts of sensations to your brain. This whole structure is held in place by your back muscles.

The most common injury to gamers is hurting your back muscles. It can happen either through intense physical work or continued sitting while maintaining a bad posture. This one is easy to fix, and lucky for you, I will explain just how to do that!

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain Caused by Gaming?

Take Regular Breaks From Your Game Sessions

I know just how hard it is to arrange for regular breaks when you’re working hard to gain a new level or acquire a new weapon or a piece of armor. It’s super hard, but we are obliged to do it if we don’t want to be diagnosed with chronic back pain or something worse.

When your break time comes, you need to get up and move around. If you can’t take a break then make sure to change your gaming positions every 15 or 20 minutes. Interchanging between different positions, or even gaming while standing for a short time, can be extremely beneficial for your lower back.

Ergonomics and Posture

Whether you take your breaks, or you decided to skip over my first piece of advice. The best way to keep your back healthy is maintaining a good posture.

Placing your screen at your eye level is crucial. As well as distancing it at least 15 inches from your face. Your shoulders should be well-relaxed by keeping your head and neck aligned with your torso. Make sure your elbows are kept very close to your body, and your feet are standing flat on the floor.

If you make sure to follow these rules, your back will be very thankful. In addition to that, you will have more stamina, which will allow you to focus on the game and perform much better than before.

Some Healthy Exercise In Real Life

Enjoying video games mostly happens in our minds, but over time, it will take a great tribute from our bodies. A proven way to deal with this inconvenience is to take a few hours off each day and engage in some physical activity.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t go straight to the gym and lift some giant weights! Even simple walking will do the trick and help you maintain blood circulation and healthy positioning of your spinal discs. However, if you decide on taking up the gym or some more serious training measures, make sure to focus on your core muscles. Many professionals say it’s the most important muscle group to work on, because it supports the whole body. Yeah, you guessed it, it will do wonders for your lower back pain.

You don’t have to attain a strict routine or a time table. Doing these simple exercises during your regular game breaks will be very effective:

  • Sideways torso turns
  • Shoulder rotations
  • Lunges
  • Sit-ups
  • Crunches
  • Plank and side-plank
  • Neck flexes or extensions

Acquire a Chair Specially Built For Gaming

You will do a great favor to yourself if you buy a proper PC Gaming chair to sit in during long periods of gaming. It is a must to help support your lower back and assist you in proper ergonomics. 

These types of chairs are made so that they support your spine in almost every position that you choose to sit in. The absolute best chairs will allow your body to have a much better blood flow and will help you relieve tension in neck and back muscles that feel painful and stressed.

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Majority of them will have extra accessories designed for gamers like you and me. I’m talking about stuff like speakers and cup holders, which will make you enjoy gaming even more. When I’m sitting in my gaming chair, it is much easier to focus on the games themselves. Because I no longer get distracted by the annoying back pain.


Lower back pain is usually not a symptom of a dangerous injury. But you should handle that problem as soon as possible. You can do that by following the simple advice I provided you with in this article. Make sure to take regular gaming breaks and take care of your posture while gaming. Do regular exercise, even if you don’t feel like it. And even buy a gaming chair if you’re really feeling like a professional gamer.

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