Maxnomic vs Dxracer Gaming Chair

Gaming makes up a large part of the entertainment industry, be it on console or PC. I remember logging in many hours at my desk playing anything from sandbox to MMOs.

Whether you are sitting down to play for a few quick rounds or getting ready for a longer gaming session, you want to make sure you have a comfortable gaming chair. In this article, I review two of the most popular gaming chairs on the market, the DXRacer and the Maxnomic. I not only go into the features of each, but draw up a comparison so that you know just the chair you’ll want for your gaming needs.

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

DXRacer is a US company that operates in both Michigan and California. They not only make gaming chairs but also manufacture gaming and office desks and accessories.

The DXRacer Gaming Chairs come in five product categories which cater to varying body habitus.

Formula Series: This gaming chair is recommended for a height of 5’8” and weight of 180 lbs, with a maximum height of 5’10” and weight of 200 lbs. It is one of the more popular lines that DXRacer produces due to its durability and adjustable armrests. Check out the DXRacer FH11 too.

Sentinel Series: This larger chair is recommended for heights ranging from 6’-6’5” and weight of 325 lbs. Although it can hold up to 350 lbs.

Tank Series: This chair can handle larger builds. It is capable of holding gamers as tall as 6’7” that are under 450 lbs.

Racing Series (Conventional and Multi-Functional Mech): Recommended height ranges anywhere from 5’8” to 5’11” and weights of 180-220 lbs.

Kin Series: The Kin Series is for gamers who are anywhere from 5’9” to 6’2” and under 275 lbs.

Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Maxnomic gaming chairs are manufactured by an Ohio based company called NeedforSeat. They make not only gaming chairs but also gaming clothes and accessories. Their product lines can be split into four main categories:

Office-Comfort: The Office Comfort gaming chair is meant to provide a comfortable experience for bigger and taller gamers.

Casual Sport: This chair is the simplest and thus most affordable chair manufactured by Maxnomic.

Pro Gaming and Office: This is a gaming chair that is designed for maximum seat comfort. Most eSports players tend to choose this series.

XL series: This is the perfect seat for long gaming sessions, as it has not only thicker foam padding but also an adjustable lumbar support. After sitting in this chair for a few hours of gaming, you won’t feel you back begin to ache.

All of the Maxnomic gaming chairs have an interior material is made of durable cold cured foam, which is covered in high quality PU-leather.

Overall Comparison Between DXRacer and Maxnomic

There are several factors to consider when purchasing your gaming chair. Just because a popular streamer uses it or it is well known does not mean that it will suit you. Your purchase process can be separated into four main factors:

Price Point

For some, price is the number one most important factor to consider when purchasing a gaming chair. Some people err on the more conservative side when purchasing a gaming chair. Others who want to have the best gaming setup possible might be more willing to spend more.

Both the DXRacer and the Maxnomic can be very expensive if you pick the pricier models. For those just looking to get their first gaming chair, some of the more basic models will be the way to go. As far as which brand has a lower starting price, the DXRacer is slightly less expensive.

Comfort and Ergonomics

If you will be spending hours at a time in a chair, you want to make sure it is comfortable enough. You don’t want your back cracking and aching when you get up. Since comfort is relative to each individual person, try out several models and see which ones you like. Both brands come with neck and lumbar support.

However, the Maxnomic edges ahead of the DXRacer, as its gaming chairs have adjustable lumbar support.


To make sure that you have just the right gaming chair to suit your frame and needs, you need to go with a brand that has more variety. In this category the DXRacer comes out on top, as it has five different gaming chair categories to choose from compared to the Maxnomic’s four.

Both Maxnomic and DXRacer have special edition chairs as well, which are targeted for specific games and products such as Call of Duty and FNATIC. However, DXRacer not only has more special edition options, but is better customizable with more color themes and choices.


Both DXRacer and Maxnomic are premium racing chairs and comfort is a given. So how exactly do these brands raise the bar from standard to premium? For one, both companies provide embroidered headrests which will definitely make your chair feel personalized.

The DXRacer has different mousepads and footrests that can be added to the basic gaming chair for a more luxurious gaming experience.

However, Maxnomic gaming chairs have an optional SeatQuake system that can be added to create a more immersive gaming experience. It provides rocking and vibration to make your gaming experience more realistic and is a great addition while playing racing games.


It is tough to choose a clear winner between the DXRacer and Maxnomic gaming chairs. Both brands provide fantastic options for maximum comfort and versatility at equivalent pricing.

For those on a tighter budget, the DXRacer is preferable, as it has a lower entry price. However, if you consider the gaming experience of more importance, go ahead and splurge on the Maxnomic and its SeatQuake system.

Hopefully with this review and comparison guide, you will be able to determine which gaming chair you will be purchasing for the next few hundred hours behind the screen.

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