Simplest Ways to Protect Floors from Office Computer Chairs

Computer chairs represent an investment in your comfort and health. Practically, you cannot spend eight hours a day on a random chair. Your back will suffer within weeks only, while back pains become a nightmare. Office chairs come with all kinds of customization solutions.

However, since nothing is perfect, they have a few flaws too. Most importantly, they are destructive to flooring. It makes no difference if you have a hardwood floor, a laminate parquet or a carpet. Sit on a chair for more hours and you will end up with indentations on the carpet surface. Roll over hardwood flooring and you risk scratching it.

Then, what are the best ways to protect your floors?

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Protecting carpets from computer chairs

Protecting carpets2

Carpets are exposed to plenty of stress from computer chairs. It is easy to tell why. When you choose a model with small wheels for flexibility, these wheels must be made of hard plastic or moving around will be challenging.

When associated with your weight, the hard plastic will seriously work on the carpet. It also depends on how thick and fluffy the carpet is. If you opt for a thin model, the damage will be drastically reduced.

Thinking that skipping portability will work?

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Some people opt for fixed office chairs. They do not have any wheels, but just a swiveling seat. At this point, you have to pay attention to the support legs. If they are metallic or too sharp, they can still damage the carpet.

What do you do then?

Simple – office computer chair mats make the difference. This is by far the optimal way to protect your carpets. These mats go between the chair and carpet. Carpet mats vary in thickness.

Choose one according to how thick the carpet pile is. Whether you work at home or you rent an office, the mat is small and portable. If you are not sure how thick it should be, keep in mind that thicker is better.

It is also worth trying to replace the casters. Nylon is tolerant and protective with carpets.

Protecting flooring against computer chairs

As a general rule of thumb, hard plastic casters do not provide too much flexibility on actual floors, but they also slip. They may also scratch floors – both hardwood and laminate floors.

Replace casters with urethane or rubber casters. They ensure a better stability, but you also prevent slipping and damaging the floor.

To prevent slipping the floor you can use this technique

Also, regular maintenance is a must too. Dust, particles and dirt can seriously damage your floor. If a small particle ends up on the caster or it is caught on the floor, its mark will be visible. These are actually the elements that cause scratches. Some of them are small, so you may not notice them right away. However, the result becomes obvious overtime.

Protection is given by more factors, especially if you do not have a huge desk and you do not have to move too much. At this point, a rug or a mat can be just as handy for protection. You do not necessarily have to alter the overall theme of your office. Instead, you can just as well opt for a stylish rug right under the chair. It is both elegant and protective.

In conclusion, office chairs are helpful, but they are also problematic. It is imperative to do your homework, research your options and figure what kind of damage they can do.

Remember that hardwood and laminate floors are more expensive than carpets (it depends on the carpet, indeed), so they require way more attention when about to get an office chair.

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