Steps for a Successful Computer Chair Wheel Replacement

Generally speaking, the more wheels or casters a computer chair comes with, the more stable it is. However, whether the quality is poor or you simply move a lot, it is perfectly normal for one or more of those small wheels to quit on you when you least expect it. A broken wheel may not necessarily alter the functionality, but then, it will reduce your safety standards. Luckily, you do not have to be a genius to succeed in computer chair wheel replacement.

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Furthermore, it is worth nothing that some people change wheels for extra functionality. For example, rubber wheels are better for hard floors than hard plastic wheels. They allow a better traction and more protection for the floor. Now, assuming that you know exactly why you want to change the wheels, what are the steps to go through?

Steps to go through for computer chair wheel replacement

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Before engaging into computer chair wheel replacement, make sure that you get the right tools nearby. You will need a screwdriver, new wheels, some penetrating oil and paper towels.

First, turn the chair upside down because you need direct access to the problematic wheel in a comfortable position. You can do it on a table. This way, it will not move, but it will also reach right in front of the face for extra convenience.

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If you have never cleaned the wheels, chances are they are obstructed by all kinds of debris and dust – hair, fibers and so on. Use a knife or scissors to get rid of the problematic issue. Believe it or not, this may often solve your problem if the wheel looked stuck.

If it still does not move or the caster is visibly affected, you need to replace it. Many casters are fitted with a grip ring. Some of them come with a grip neck design. You only need a little force to solve the problem.

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For example, pull hard and chances are it will go out. You might want to use some gloves for a better grip. If the chair is too old, chances are you might face some trouble. This is when the screwdriver kicks in. Use it to pry the caster loose. Walk around it with the screwdriver until the wheel is set free. At that point, computer chair wheel replacement becomes a matter of minutes only.

chair socketOnce you take the caster out, push the new one into the socket. Do it to the end, so push it as far as it can go. You should pay attention to the clicking sound, yet this is not a general rule. If it does not seat in accordingly, use the paper towel around a small tool and hit it slowly.

What about the penetrating oil?

Use it around the wheels – all wheels, not just the new one. Lubrication is essential for a proper movement. You might want to do it for maintenance as well – a few times a month. Also, clean the debris around wheels to prevent farther problems.

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