What Does a Gaming Chair Do? 6 Things To Know

Gamers know the importance of having a comfortable place to sit. Gamers, true gamers, can sit for hours upon hours in the same position working intently on completing a mission, leveling up, or trying to defeat a boss.

Hours of sitting means a worthwhile gaming chair is a necessity of the lifestyle. They come in a variety of styles, so you will be sure to find one that suits your needs.

What Does a Gaming Chair Do?

Gaming chairs essentially make gaming much more comfortable, and that will improve the complete gaming experience, including performance.

bed with comfy sheets
Well, not quite like laying in bed, but you get the drift!

These chairs come in a variety of styles and have many different features depending on how much you want to pay and what features you are looking for.

Those of us really looking for a worthwhile reason to purchase a gaming chair can consider some health benefits of using a gaming chair as opposed to sitting in a boring, ordinary chair for hours on end.

Improved Blood Flow

Everyone has different preferred ways of sitting, but when you’re sitting for hours on end, it’s important to keep in mind that your lower half needs some blood, too.

A quality gaming chair will allow you to keep your legs stretched comfortably so that blood flows to them, eliminating the pins-and-needles feeling you get when you’ve been sitting for far too long.

Better Posture

If you’re a gamer or if you’ve ever watched someone game, you know that regardless of the position gamers are in, the tendency is to hunch over towards the screen, especially in moments of high intensity.

Since most styles of gaming chairs take this into consideration, hunching in minimized.

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In a gaming chair, it’s easier to be comfortable while resting back, which will improve spinal health – less slouching – and shoulder position – less hunching.

Without a comfortable chair, you can easily sit for hours in an uncomfortable and unhealthy bent-forward position.

When you finally get up, your back will be sore, and you will be wishing you had invested in a worthwhile chair.

Overall Better Gaming Experience

The right gaming chair can improve your overall gaming experience in many ways. You’ll be comfortable, you’ll perform better, and your game will be much more enjoyable.

Gaming in Comfort

If you’re a gamer, using a gaming chair will make your experience much more comfortable. Gaming chairs are specifically designed for prolonged periods of sitting.

While there are different styles of gaming chairs to choose from, they essentially provide similar comfort and health benefits.

A quality gaming chair will be made of material such as metal that will not break down over time as easily as a wooden chair would.

Gaming chairs also usually offer lumbar support, which is really important for those of us spending lengthy periods of time in the seated position with a controller in our hands or a keyboard in front of us.

Again, a quality gaming chair will offer adjustable lumbar support while regular desk chairs may not always offer this.

Quality gaming chairs will also offer a range of adjustability options.

It’s important for your gaming chair to fit the height of your desk comfortably, so a chair that has a range of height options is a must.

Some gaming chairs even offer a slight recline option so that you can adjust it to fit your needs regarding screen or monitor positioning.

Gaming in comfort will improve your overall gaming experience, which means your gaming performance will improve drastically.

Improved Gaming Performance

A better gaming chair will  help you play better because your posture will be better. Better posture will make you more comfortable, and if you’re more comfortable, you’ll be able to game for longer periods of time.

The longer you play, the better you will be. And it all starts with being comfortable. On top of offering support and better circulation, a quality gaming chair will also be contoured to fit your body comfortably.

This too contributes to being able to sit longer and play better.

More Enjoyable Experience

Gaming chairs are made with all of a gamer’s amenities in mind.

A quality gaming chair will often offer speakers in the headrest or the option of plugging in headphones to the chair itself (which is connected to the tv or console) if you want to cancel out the outside noise.

Some styles of chair offer comfortable and repositionable armrests, depending on the type of gamer you are and the type of chair you’re in the market for.

Overall, when you are more comfortable, your gaming experience will be improved considerably.

Variety of Styles

Gaming chairs come in a variety of styles to suit each gamer’s needs. Computer gamers, for example, need a chair suited for a desk.

Console gamers, those who play Xbox or Playstation or systems like those, will likely require a different style of chair.


Rocker-type chairs are curved, do not have a base, and sit directly on the ground. They are ideal for console gamers because they aren’t high enough to fit at a desk, obviously.

And like a console, this type of chair is easily portable. They usually have speakers and the option of plugging headphones or a music device into the chair.

Racing Chairs

Racing chairs come in a range of prices depending on the style and amenities included. Typically these chairs will have tall backs with a headrest to support the head and back.

More expensive ones, racing simulators, will more closely mimic a racing seat. Some even have a steering wheel to link with the game.

Pedestal Chairs

Pedestal chairs are better suited for gamers who sit at a desk because these chairs sit higher up off the floor and usually have wheels. A quality chair will roll nicely across the floor.

These can come with or without the ability to recline and will range in price depending on the quality and features of the chair.

Final Verdict?

Gaming chairs come in many styles and have a range of features. You will be able to find a gaming chair to suit your needs and your budget since there are so many options out there.

Having a quality gaming chair will improve your gaming experience considerably and is something you won’t regret.

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